• Carmen Spera Double Tier One of a Kind Cocktail Table


    Carmen Spera designed this table in the 1980s while he was selling his one-of-a-kind pieces via Art et Industrie, the radical art furniture store in downtown Manhattan in the 1970s-1980s. This table is made of two tiers of thick glass with conical shaped painted wood legs with antiqued mirror on round glass spheres and round painted wood vessels filled with crushed blue glass. The legs are not attached to the large glass surfaces and can float anywhere within the two tiers, they do not have to be in each corner as shown here. Mr Spera worked with glass and named these tables, which he made variations of, "Mines." This table was purchased in the 1980s by a collector who then stored it for the next 30 years and this is the first time it is displayed since then. Mr Spera's portfolio consists of wild and crazy shaped art furniture he is a true artist who also understands functionality.